Flight booking

Flight booking

A free service for you

As a free service for our guests, we offer to convey flights matching to your travel. In doing so, there are no extra costs incurred for you – just in opposite. By our convey and using group bookings, flight prices usually become cheaper. You directly pay the airline for your flight before traveling and always get the original airline bills. We assume no liability for misconducts of the airline (e.g. delayed flights or thereby incurred costs). TANALAHORIZON does not get any provision or frequent flier miles for this service. Thus this service remains reserved only for guests, who booked a travel with us.

Feeder flights

To Paris and back again

Most flights to Madagascar start in Paris, the capital of France. So besides your international flight from France to Madagascar, you usually need a feeder flight, which brings you from your home airport to Paris, Charles de Gaulle, and back again after your travel. While booking these flights, please always consider some hours between arrival and departure. Charles de Gaulle is the largest airport in Europe, and only the transfer from your airplane to the other can already take an hour. Additionally, little delays are not rare in long-distance flights.

Further more, please do not check your luggage through when traveling to Madagascar from your home airport. Experience shows that it is much safer to fetch your luggage in Paris and check it in for the long-distance flight by yourself. In Madagascar, noone will deliever your luggage to your residence place as it is common in Europe, UK and US!

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