Abenteuerreisen und Touren für Entdecker Erforsche Madagaskars Wildnis Spezialreisen Unsere Abenteuer- und Entdeckerreisen eignen sich besonders für Gäste, die möglichst viel von Madagaskar ohne besonderen Themenschwerpunkt erleben und entdecken möchten. Du magst unbekannte Gegenden, die kaum jemand je zu Gesicht bekommt? Du hast Spaß an Offroad-Touren, […]

Adventure and explorer travels

Adventure travels and tours for explorers

In research of Madagascar’s wilderness

Our adventure and explorer travels are suitable especially for guests, who want to experience and discover as much as possible from Madagascar without focussing a special theme. Do you like unknown regions, which hardly people catch sight of? Do you love off-road adventures far away from touristic infrastructure through wilderness? Then you’ll surely enjoy our adventure travels! The name “adventure travels” says it all: On these trips, the journey is the reward. Go for a travel to find rare animals, outlying beaches, enchanted caves, and lonely rivers.

These travels are distinguished by their distinct expedition character and demand a lot from our guests. Team spirit, thirst for adventure, and a little serenity are inalienable on the way. Of cause, these travels can serve as photo travels, too. There’s even always a possibility to get a photo course. Just contact us!