Unser Team Tanalahorizon: Dein Reiseveranstalter für Madagaskar Reisebüro, Reiseagentur Unser Team besteht aus naturverbundenen Individualisten, Reisefreaks, Fotoprofis, Tierärzten und Biologen, die sich nicht als Lehrmeister darstellen, sondern sich als „einer vom Team“ in die Reisegruppe einfügen. 1995 hatte das alles in ganz kleinem Kreise seinen Anfang, […]

The team

Our team

Tanalahorizon – Your tour operator for Madagascar

Our team consists of nature addicted individualists, travelers, photo professionals, veterinarians, and biologists, who do not make themselves out to be teachers, but blend into the travel group as “one of the team”. In 1995, it all began with travels on a small scale, and since then, the team has been growing on and on. We took up new challenges and mastered them. Meanwhile, we can draw on a wealth of experience in traveling the eighth continent and have friends all over the island. And still, Tanalahorizon remains to be a family company, where everyone can trust the others.

Our skills to adapt ourselves to different situations gave us as a tour operator for Madagascar the nickname “Tanala”: This is Malagasy and means chameleon. Far away from touristic paths, we want to experience an unforgettable adventure between rainforest and ancestors worship – with you and our best guides. Our idea is to travel together inside a country with a name that alone promises adventures: MADAGASCAR.

Tour leader

Thorsten is tour leader and animal expert on our travels. He's master of photography and does our photo courses. With 25 years of travel experience in Madagascar, he's your man for all concerns.

Tour coordinator

Dimby is studied national guide with priority on ecotourism. He's the man for any eventuality in our team - may it be as chief tour guide, driver, looking for animals or as support in photo courses.

Guide & driver

Mika has "the bionic eye" for animals and is one of our offroad experts. Beyond that, he's always on the scout for new and interesting destinations for our travels, and takes care of our cars.


Alex is veterinarian for reptiles and thus our animal expert on photo safaris. She is also your competent contact person for Madagascar's history, culture and flora, since she's chief editor of MadaMagazine.


José is guide, he has studied multimedia. He assists our guests with translating and special requests, helps in photography workshops and with everything else he notices. José is also very skilled in handling all kind of animals.

Guide & driver

Mamisoa is the new member of our Tanalahorizon family. We are happy to have someone like him with 15 years of experience in Madagascar travels. Even in biggest stress he always keeps calm and cool.


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Rapa & Christian

Rapa and Christian chauffeur our guests comfortably through Madagascar and love to find chameleons and other reptiles everywhere. With these two, you're always safe and happy on the road!


Andry's our cook at the camping. He conjures up a grandiose meal even in the most impassable rainforest and is characterized by creativity and skill.

Guide & driver

Léon is driver and guide for the trips on Tsiribinha river and Menabe region. He is a kind, reliable team member and always in good mood - as long as there is enough rice left.

Junior guide & driver

Choa is a driver and very interested in Madagascar's nature and animals. He loves to join our guests for a walk in the forest. In our team he would like to become a guide, too.


Chris is an experienced driver and especially forearmed for the rough roads of Madagascar's north. He loves to show our guests the "real" Malagasy life.

Guide & driver

Tina has studied German philolohy and was trained as a tourist guide. He speaks fluently German and already worked as guide on the island. By the way, he is a big Fan of 1. FC Bayern Munich.

Guide & driver

Orlando speaks fluently German because he has lived and worked some time in Germany. For a lot of years, he has been active as a guide for culture and nature in Madagascar - he is a really experienced and always friendly man.

Christoph & Yvon

Christoph and Yvon are among the absolute offroad specialists in Madagascar. They further more always look out for new destinations worth a travel on the big island.

Website support

Alex is the internet magician of the Tanala family. He supports us with the website, our web activities and helps team and guests during travels with his Swabian snugness.

Warum mit Tanalahorizon reisen?

Animal experts

Our team is highly specialized in reptiles and lemurs. You want to experience the rarest animals of the world at close range in their natural habitat? You want to see a very special animal? Then we're the right travel agency for you.

25 years of experience

We advise you individually and detailed about your personal vacation of dreams. Our team knows all features of Madagascar, which months are most suitable for your destinations, and what your should consider before starting your travel.

Focus on photography

With a master of photography as your coach, you can be sure that the content matches the label. Our team finds the best photo motives, knows the best places and how important is the right light. Everyone can learn something new!

The best guides

We only work with the most competent local guides to allow you the best nature experience. Only those who know look, habits and characters of the animals, will be able to find them for sure!

Everything from one source

With us, you book your dream vacation directly, without a subcontractor as it is usually the case in Madagascar travels. We're your contact person in Germany as well as during your trip in Madagascar!

Safety first

Safety is a huge priority with us. All our vehicles are insured and maintained regularly. Be sure that we don't have unexperienced drivers, clueless guides or scrappy cars like those you can often book in Tana!

One big family

Our team consists of friends, not only employers. Each staff member of TANALAHORIZON is payed fairly and never forced to do what he does not want to do. Even in drastic times, we do not abandon anyone.

Species and nature conservation

We support local people sustainably to keep Madagascar's treasures for many generations. By now, we have our own reforestation project and share our own paint books with children

No false promises

We plan your trip of a lifetime so that all your expectations come to fulfillment. With us, you will not book a "canoe trip on a river" that on site turns out to be 100 meters of paddling in the hotel's own pond.