Individuell planen, individuell reisen Wir planen Ihre Traumreise Sie möchten eine individuell geplante Reise buchen, oder bei unseren Touren ist einfach nicht genau das dabei, was Sie suchen? Sie haben von einem besonderen Ort gehört, der auf Ihrer Reise auf keinen Fall fehlen darf? Sie möchten […]

Individual Madagascar travels

Individual Madagascar travels

We plan your vacation of dreams

You would like to book an individually planned tour, or you just didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for among our tours? You heard of a special place you don’t want to miss during your travel? You want to see a special animal, which is hard to find? No problem. We schedule and scheme your personal Madagascar dream holidays, perfectly according to your wishes. Thereby we stand by your side with nearly 20 years of experience in traveling the “eighth continent”.

In our MadaMagazine, you will find a selection of possible travel destinations, which makes you receive first impressions about which modules we can use to build your individual, own tour. Madagascar is a unique island and can become an unforgettable experience for everyone – but a well done tour planning is essentially to get the best.

Optimal advice

Answers to all of your questions

We counsil you concerning all questions about your travel and your dream destinations. Some areas of Madagascar can’t be traveled at all times of the year and every animal species has its own perfect time to watch it. Some destinations are amazing, but completely unknown to most travelers, whilst there are other locations listed in every guide book, but those can be much less worth seeing than thought. Sometimes your chosen travel route would need a longer journey due to bad road conditions or one more domestic flight, but there is another unique, gorgeous route as alternative.

This is the point where we chime in: With our experience and our local team on site, we assemble a custom-tailored travel only for you. We explain possibilities and limits, reveal alternatives, give you a closer understanding of Malagasy lifestyle and answer every of your questions. We always try to implement all of your wishes in your sense the most optimal way. Our goal is to find the best route for your dream vacations in Madagascar. Individual travels – with us no problem! You can get an individual offer by calling us +49 (0)9865 – 94 172 94 or by clicking the following button.