Tanala ProService Bei einer Gruppenreise alleine fotografieren Es gibt kaum ein Land, in dem die Tier- und Pflanzenwelt so vielfältig und gleichzeitig so bedroht ist wie auf Madagaskar. Manche botanische und zoologische Sensation wartet hier immernoch auf Ihre Entdeckung. Nah am Objekt – der Traum jedes […]

Tanala ProService

Tanala ProService

Photograph alone on a group trip

There’s hardly a country with such a diverse but threatened animal and plant world such as Madagascar. Some botanical sensation still waits there for its discovery. Close to your object – if we encountered the rarest animals of Madagascar in carefully chosen special places, dreams of animal photographers come true. It’s quite important to know about the animals’ behavior to get the perfect shot! Our team helps you to put everything in the right light to get the best pictures. But additionally, we want to offer you an exclusive service.

Do you prefer photographing alone? Or do you have to complete a remittance work, but still want to benefit the financial advantages of group travels? Then we got the perfect service for you: Tanala ProService gives you the opportunity to take pictures untroubled in national parks and reserves only accompanied by your personal guide. This ensures you the opportunity to have the best place in front of the animal and also the highest chance to find exactly the desired animals with your personal guide. Price of this service is accorded to the number of visited national parks and reserves. If you like to make a demand on our service, please give us your motive list in advance, then we can adjust our team optimally on your wishes and goals.

Tanala ProService only works in national parks or reserves and is not possible in every destination we travel to. Please always be aware that you’re part of a group and therefore have to arrange yourself with other guests, too, which is especially important in destinations we all visit together, e.g. Tsingys rouge or searching the bushes for animals along a public street. Ask us before your travel – we can tell you exactly where ProService is possible during your trip to Madagascar.