Hotels/Bungalows/Lodges Deine Unterkünfte während der Reise Madagaskar steckt touristisch noch in den Kinderschuhen und europäischer Standard ist nirgendwo zu finden. In der Hauptstadt, und ein paar häufig besuchten Orten wie den Inseln Nosy Be und St. Marie, gibt es sehr komfortable Hotels. In den meisten übrigen […]

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Your accommodations during the travel

Touristically, Madagascar is still in its infancy and European standard cannot be found anywhere. In the capital and some much visited places such as the islands Nosy Be and St. Marie, there are comfortable hotels. Most other cities have no five stars accommodations.

The accommodations chosen by us are clean middle class hotels, most of them under Madagascan administration. Madagascar has no hotel rating in stars or other distinctive features. This is why we rely on our 20 years of experience concerning comfort, cleanliness and meal quality in each hotel. Another important role for us plays the running of the booked accommodations in close communion with nature and especially with respect for the native people. Most hotels we choose are very nice and are charaterized by their service geared to our guests. But if one comes into rarely visited regions, rooms can be very simple, too. If you want to stay in luxury hotels exclusively, please tell us early enough. There are only few five stars lodges all over Madagascar, and they are quickly booked out.


Get close to nature

Since we promote travels “far away from touristical paths”, there is no avoiding the fact that you need to camp in some destinations. We try everything to offer our guests a maximum of comfort and conveniences. We use lightweight tents that can cope with up to 4000 mm water column – this way you will not get wet feet even in heavy rain. You sleep alone or as a pair, whereby the tent always has place for another person. Thus every guest has enough storage place for his luggage and equipment.

During camping, our head chefs care for three delicious meals per day, and of cause they attend to vegetarian’s or allergy sufferer’s wishes, too. It is amazing which great creations come into being in the most inhospitable areas. Most of our guests call the meals during camping the best of their whole travel.


This is how you drive in Madagascar

You definitely need good vehicles if you want to drive from one place to the other in Madagascar. Regardless of whether it’s a car, minibus, bus or all-terrain vehicle, our vehicles match the highest safety requirements, are insured and are steered by experienced drivers. The latter are all offroad experts with a lot of experience in driving the roughest terrains of Madagascar and outstanding knowledge of the country. Only thus you arrive at your destination safe and relaxed!

Travel security note

Indispensable for your safety

With this note, it is ensured that you will get your paid money back for sure if the tour operator becomes insolvent. Without a travel security note, your money would otherwise simply be “lost” in such a case. Consequently, this document is the coverage of prepayments of the travel guest and required by law (package travel act) in Europe and Switzerland. The travel insolvency insurance (called travel security note) usually goes along with indemnity insurance of the tour operator.

If you find travel offers without a travel security note, please be suspicious! Those who do not insure their travels can quite rightly be seen as bad seed among travel agencies. If someone lacks these basic insurances, you will have to assume that he has also stinted on other insurances (vehicles, persons), too.

Our tour kit

All travel informations handily summarized

If you book a travel with TANALAHORIZON, you will get our own written tour kit along with your booking confirmation. Inside, you will find some principal tipps and hints for your travel, a packing list with useful equipment as well as equipment help for your photography in Madagascar. Of cause it does not lack a check list for your first-aid kit, informations about the country and its people and a phrase page. In a word: All neccessary travel informations are summarized in our tour kit for you!

Travel information