Gruppentarife Günstiger reisen mit gleichen Interessen Für unsere Gäste gibt es spezielle Gruppentarife. Die Gruppenreisepreise sind dabei gestaffelt: Je größer die Gruppe, desto günstiger wird das Reisen für die Teilnehmer. Bei Exkursionen in die Regenwälder, Dornwälder oder Savannen wird die Reisegruppe in Kleinstgruppen von maximal fünf […]

Group tariffs & TWF

Group tarifs

Travel cheaper with people of same interests

We offer our guests special group rates. Hence we grade our group travel prices, which means the bigger your group, the more reduced is your price. Groups can be divided into smaller ones at journeys into Madagascar’s rainforest, spiny forests, and savannahs to ensure everyone has enough chances to watch animals without too much trouble. Thus you can use the cheaper prices of groups for your Madagascar travel, but do not have disadvantages while watching animals or taking pictures.

Furthermore, we always try to bring together people with similar interests: Some travelers want to photograph landscapes, others appreciate as many reptiles as possible, still, others prefer to spend more time with lemurs. Our team makes every effort to fulfill everyone’s expectations and arrange the groups depending on the travelers’ preferences.

Discover Madagascar’s marvels
together with good friends


Travel with friends

On the road with good friends

Do you like to join one of our travel groups with five or more friends? Then benefit from our new TWF-rates! As of now, our guests can book as small groups (min. 5 persons) within a normal travel group. Those friends will discover Madagascar’s rainforests together during your stay although actually traveling in a larger group. Our travel-with-friends-rates are most suitable for joint ventures, interest communities, clubs and forums. Just ask us!