Our Madagascar travels

Vacations of dreams for everybody

With a trip to Madagascar the dreams of all nature lovers and friends of ecotourism come true. Nowhere else in the world is there such a high diversity of species and at the same time over 80% endemism, i.e. species only found here. Curious lemurs, colorful chameleons, bizarre geckos, fascinating rainforests and much more are waiting to be discovered. On our trips, you will get to know the unique animals of Madagascar, immerse yourself in the culture of the many ethnic groups of the island, and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. It is very important for us to travel in harmony with nature, the environment, and the locals.

On all group tours, we are on the road with a maximum of 10 guests. To ensure that nothing stands in the way of an intensive nature experience, even with such a ‘large’ group size, the guests in the national parks are divided into small groups. In order to make your travel experience exactly the way you want it, we have also divided our trips into different categories. On this overview page, we explain the differences between the four categories and what to expect from the tours presented in them.

Classic round trips

Experience the island’s most beautiful sides

Our round trips on Madagascar are suitable for all those who want to experience as many highlights of the island as possible in a single trip or who are visiting the eighth continent for the first time. They are also suitable for all travelers who have only limited time available and therefore do not want to dedicate their trip to a single theme. Each of our tours offers a colorful, perfectly coordinated cross-section of Madagascar’s diversity: immerse yourself in the culture of the Merina, Sakalava, or Betsileo. Experience Madagascar’s famous diversity of chameleons, get to know the different lemurs of the island up close, and relax on white dream beaches under palm trees. In short: A little bit of everything on one trip! To get to our classic round trips, click here.

Klassische Rundreisen

Die Vielfalt Madagaskars
in einer einzigen Reise genießen.

Photo travels and safaris

Madagascar’s best motives

For 25 years we are especially specialized in photo trips in the “land where the pepper grows”. We know the country like the back of our hand, know about the most beautiful landscape motives, and how to find and photograph the different animal inhabitants of certain orchids. Our photo journeys usually revolve around a specific theme, to which we devote ourselves a little more and whose peculiarities we focus on in our photography. But this does not mean that we only photograph chameleons on a chameleon trip or that we do not look at any other animal on a lemur trip. Madagascar is so diverse that even a theme trip for ambitious photographers offers a wide variety of motifs. But not only advanced photographers, but also beginners in photography are welcome here. You will be accompanied on our photo trips by our trained master photographer, where you can also book a workshop. Taking pictures with a lot of fun while on holiday in Madagascar – these trips make it possible. To get to our photo trips and safaris, click here.

Fotoreisen und Safaris

Mit viel Spaß an der Fotografie
die grandiose Tierwelt Madagaskars erleben.

Adventure and explorer travels

An adventure holiday in Madagascar

Our adventure tours are, as the name suggests, for travelers who love adventure and want to explore less traveled areas of Madagascar. Team spirit, travel fun and unique experiences are at the top of the priority list here! We often go off-road through the wilderness, across rivers and through the jungle to remote, lonely dream beaches. You will certainly not see many other tourists, but you will get to know the “real” Madagascar and its people. If you want to experience the island from its wild, untamed side, our adventure tours are the right choice. Madagascar trips for the adventurous! To get to our adventure and discovery tours, click here.

Abenteuer- und Entdeckerreisen

Die wildesten Gegenden Madagaskars
gemeinsam im Team erforschen.

Individual Madagascar travels

A travel according to your wishes

Do you already have a certain idea of your dream trip to Madagascar or do you still not find the right thing in our offer? Then let us plan and create your individually tailored, personal Madagascar trip for you. With 25 years of experience in traveling the “eighth continent” we will answer all your questions and help you with words and deeds in planning your trip. To get to our individual travel offers, click here.

Individuelle Reisen

Dein Traumurlaub auf Madagaskar
perfekt und nur für Dich geplant.