Klassische Rundreisen Die schönsten Ziele Madagaskars entdecken Unsere Rundreisen spiegeln die Vielfalt der Insel wieder und eignen sich besonders für Gäste, die in einem relativ kurzen Zeitraum möglichst viel Unterschiedliches auf Madagaskar sehen und erleben wollen. Auch wenn Sie zum ersten Mal auf die rote Insel […]

Klassische Rundreisen

Classic round trips

The best destinations of Madagascar

Our roundtrip tours in Madagascar contain approved routes including hiking, boat trips, culture, flora and fauna. They reflect the diversity of the island and suit especially guests who want to see as many different things in Madagascar as possible in a relatively short period. Also if it’s your first time to fly to the red island and want to get an overview first, our round trips will be the right travels for you.

Our round trips are special because they are not “travels off the rack” going off pat. You will not sit in a travel bus with 52 bored people, while in front some tour leader tells you about sightseeing items passing by the window quickly. Au contraire! Our round trips are personally, we customize them as desired, and they will bring you into the middle of Malagasy life and nature. With us you are in the middle of action rather than just present.