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Madagascar, the large island in the Indian Ocean, lies about 600 kilometres off the African coast. Only a few flying hours separate it from the mainland of the black continent. And yet Madagascar is a completely different Africa with its unique natural wonders, its extreme biodiversity and its fascinating culture. The island has a lot to offer and has been the Mecca of ecotourism for animal, nature and photo enthusiastic travelers for years. As a Madagascar tour operator, we specialize in traveling to this fourth largest island in the world. We place the highest value on sustainable tourism, and on travel and photography in harmony with Madagascar’s nature and environment. We are involved in our own projects on the island in order to leave behind as positive a footprint as possible. It is particularly important for us to work together well and to treat the Malagasy population and our employees with respect – Tanalahorizon is a big family, not just a team.

Benefit from our experience

With over 24 years of travel experience, we ensure that your personal holiday in Madagascar will be an unforgettably beautiful and exciting experience. No matter if in a group, with friends or as a couple: We have the right thing for everyone and are happy to help you with the individual planning of your perfect Madagascar trip. Our team consists of experts in all areas that affect our trips: Photographers, biologists, veterinarians and very important: Our local Malagasy guides who know their country like the back of their hand. Many of our trips are planned as group trips, but can also be adapted to your wishes and requirements with fewer people. Our group trips in Madagascar are conducted with a maximum of 10 people, who are divided into several small groups in all national parks. Thus nothing stands in the way of the intensive nature experience also in a group. Our journeys on Madagascar are offered with both German and English tour guides. Fly once really there, where the pepper grows!

Travel at the right time

When planning, please always bear in mind that Madagascar has a distinct seasonality. Not all animal and plant species can be found in all seasons, or travel during the rainy season is not possible in all areas of the island. We will be happy to help you choose the right time and destination for your dream trip to Madagascar. Just take a look at our classic tours, photo tours and safaris, adventure and explorer tours!

Professional advice for your dream journey

If you should not find the suitable for your personal vacation with our Madagascar journeys or if you have questions to one of our Madagascar photo journeys or special journeys, we answer these also gladly personally and without obligation under +49 (0)6132 – 974 4808. Or let us provide simply your personal dream journey. In our Madagascar travel offer there is something for everyone!

TANALAHORIZON, your tour operator for the special. Since 1995, we have stood for top-class adventure travels, photo safaris, nature trips and classic tours in MADAGASCAR.

Was unsere Teilnehmer sagen

  • Hungry for adventures – for a diverse and often bizarre animal kingdom, dragons and forest's spirits
    – breathtaking landscapes, that couldn't be more contrastful between North and South
    and dreamlike beaches? Then in Madagascar, Thorsten and his Tanalahorizon team
    is exactly the right tour operator for you.
    Ines Ködel
  • Who once fell prey to the magic of Madagascar
    and could discover the country with Thorsten and his professional team,
    comes back... for sure!
    Martin Knauf
  • Madagascar and TANALAHORIZON
    is a strong combination and a true recommendation.
    Guido Prawda
  • Briefly and succintly:
    Madagascar with Tanalahorizon is worth more than one travel!
    Philipp Romanin
  • To learn to know Madagascar, I can only recommend Thorsten and his team
    to every nature lover, who wants to get himself into an adventure.
    Silvia Heesen
  • We just came back from a wonderful trip to Madagascar.
    It's all fresh in our mind, and our heart is still full of Madagascar.
    And it will stay full, such an amazing travel we had.
    Eric und Kizzy van Horne
  • Many cordial thanks to Thorsten and his super team for the well-made travel!
    For us the best tour operator for Madagascar.
    Guido und Silke Schelenz
  • My expectations were not only fulfilled, but ABSOLUTELY EXCEEDED!
    I'll gladly recommend Tanalahorizon for Madagascar travels.
    Simone Hodgers
  • In the future, I'll go to Madagascar again for sure, also with Tanalahorizon.
    Because i'm really sure this is (one of) the best organizations.
    Thanks Tanalahorizon for the great experience!
    Jordy van der Thien
  • After some telephone calls with Thorsten, we throw all cautions to the wind and entrusted ourselves to Thorsten and his team. We were not disappointed by them, it was the exactly right decision. No wish remained!
    Stephan, Birgit und Samuel Hartmann
  • The individual and familial concept of Tanalahorizon
    together with the Madagascan openness and hospitality
    made this country touch our hearts.
    Jaqueline Mudra
  • Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

    Guido Bonnett & Leonard Zamitt
  • Two thumbs up ????
    Tanalahorizon kann man nur weiterempfehlen!
    Sabine & Charles Dalluge

Warum mit TANALAHORIZON reisen?

Animal experts

Our team is highly specialized in reptiles and lemurs. You want to experience the rarest animals of the world at close range in their natural habitat? You want to see a very special animal? Then we're the right travel agency for you.

25 years of experience

We advise you individually and detailed about your personal vacation of dreams. Our team knows all features of Madagascar, which months are most suitable for your destinations, and what your should consider before starting your travel.

Focus on photography

With a master of photography as your coach, you can be sure that the content matches the label. Our team finds the best photo motives, knows the best places and how important is the right light. Everyone can learn something new!

The best guides

We only work with the most competent local guides to allow you the best nature experience. Only those who know look, habits and characters of the animals, will be able to find them for sure!

Everything from one source

With us, you book your dream vacation directly, without a subcontractor as it is usually the case in Madagascar travels. We're your contact person in Germany as well as during your trip in Madagascar!

Safety first

Safety is a huge priority with us. All our vehicles are insured and maintained regularly. Be sure that we don't have unexperienced drivers, clueless guides or scrappy cars like those you can often book in Tana!

One big family

Our team consists of friends, not only employers. Each staff member of TANALAHORIZON is payed fairly and never forced to do what he does not want to do. Even in drastic times, we do not abandon anyone.

Species and nature conservation

We support local people sustainably to keep Madagascar's treasures for many generations. By now, we have our own reforestation project and share our own paint books with children

No false promises

We plan your trip of a lifetime so that all your expectations come to fulfillment. With us, you will not book a "canoe trip on a river" that on site turns out to be 100 meters of paddling in the hotel's own pond.